Friday, December 12, 2008

Argh, Ginger!

My darling little fur girl got a bath the other night and in an act of retaliation against this injustice, decided to pee on our couch. See posts below for photos, her favorite spot is perched on the back of the couch. How she contorted herself to squat there is beyond me, but it was an act of pure defiance.

Any tips on how to get the urine smell out? I've tried Nature's Miracle twice, Petzyme has been suggested as well. Darryl woke up the other morning to find her asleep in our bedroom on top of his shoes. He thought for sure she'd gnawed them to bits, but no, she just likes sleeping on them. Weird dog.

In other news, we went to the Young Women's Alliance Holiday party last night downtown at Lanai and I had a yummy black cherry frozen lime aid and a yummy cupcake. It was okay in the winter, but I think it'll be killer in the summer. Rooftop bars are becoming my new favorite thing.


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2 options on the pee smell. there is a cleaner in the baby section at walmart that is for kid accidents that cleans up and gets rid of nasty smells and a big plus is it smells like baby power. the other thing is carpet cleaner "soap". if my pup has an accident, i scrub the area with the bissel carpet cleaning soap (for carpet cleaner machine) and rinse it with water. it works on furniture as well as carpet! hope that helps!