Monday, December 29, 2008

Confession Monday

I went out with some friends to celebrate Festivus last week and came up with some pretty good Confession Monday material. In the course of one evening I managed to:

  • Rip my expensive Joes Jeans in the butt while getting into a friend's car (these are the ones with the button popping incident, clearly they have not gotten the memo that I lost 6 lbs over the freaking HOLIDAYS).

  • Fall down some stairs and sprain my ankle/foot

  • There may or may not have been an unplanned release of flatulence upon falling

  • And then I declared to everyone that I thought I was going to throw up

  • The sad part here is that this all happened before I started drinking. Okay, so I had a glass of wine with dinner and a glass of port after, but do not be confused. I had stopped drinking like an hour before this happened. I am just a klutz. Thank god I did not actually vomit, I think it was just nausea from the sudden adrenaline rush to the system.

Me and Alka participating in the "Feats of Strength"


Kristen said...

A) Your holiday was way more exciting than mine as our highlight was playing board games with my drunk aunt.

B) I have those six pounds you lost if you'd like them back. Apparently eating a can of Grandes Cinnemon Rolls for breakfast every morning is a no-no.

Elizabeth said...

Up for some camping this weekend? Will be fun - boxed wine is implied!