Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paging Elle Woods

If Elle Woods had decided to become a geologist instead of an attorney, she would have been me. I went to the Austin Geological Society meeting last night and stuck out like a sore thumb. I wore what I wore to work, a pink cable knit sweater, some black slacks from Banana, BCBG pumps, my Coach Hamptons Signature Carryall bag, and of course, a full face of makeup and manicured nails. Here is what the average person at the meeting looked like:

Take this photo, add 30 years and you have the AGS demographic. Mostly men, mostly wearing vests, and a lot of facial hair. The measly 4 other women I spied were wearing hiking boots and not a stitch of makeup. I had considered wearing some jeans in lieu of my slacks but thought better of it because I was attending a professional meeting. Granted I did get some interested looks from the unmarried gentlemen below the age of 50 in the group, but that's not exactly what I was after. Somewhere in the world there is a place for those of us who are both earth scientists and fabulous.

The talk was about the Helotes mulch fire (it inexplicably has its own Myspace Page) and how they managed to extinguish it and all the environmental issues that came up while fighting the fire. A rather interesting talk and there was free pizza and sodas, not that I partook of them because of my diet. Geologists know how to throw a party.


Kate said...

Hi! I got my return address stamp from Sweet Paperie - a shop on Etsy - I'm really pleased with it and she has tons of great stuff!


Elizabeth said...

This is too funny. First my geologist boyfriend is HOT. Second, I doubt your room full of geologists looked at all like brad pitt.

Miss you! We need to hang.