Monday, December 1, 2008

Confession Monday

They say you have to really hit rock bottom before you start to climb your way back up to the top. Saturday, I found rock bottom. I went to Academy to get some running tights (my reward for being good and not shopping all month) and in the dressing room I finally came to terms with my non-washboard abs. It was ugly, I immediately spiraled into nail biting and nearly called Darryl crying and apologizing for letting myself go so badly. Seriously, I was like, how awful for him to have to see me naked.

Then, when I thought things couldn't get any worse we went to a bar near my house in Houston and just after we paid cover, the top button on my jeans popped off. Rock bottom.

So today I started my diet/exercise plan for the month of December. We are at DEFCON 1 people. In lieu of stating my actual weight on my blog, I have devised a system for you to follow my weight loss without giving TMI. Here is my scale, each letter represents a position in the tens place of my weight:

W-Oh shit, I'm fat.
X-I am not ghastly, but I am not happy with my physique.
Y-I am looking good.
Z-I am a skinny bitch.

Today the scale read 1W1. My goal by the end of December is to get to 1X8. Does that make sense? My goal for my wedding is to be at 1Z8, but that's a ways away. Has anyone tried Weight Watchers? What do you think?

Here is my plan:

  • Gym every day to do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio

  • No fried foods

  • No cream sauces

  • No alcohol Sunday-Thursday, Fri and Sat will be wine only or perhaps a martini

  • Avoid all things white like pastas, potatoes, etc.

  • Log calories

  • Cheat days due to holiday parties are Dec 11, 13, 20, and 24-26. Cheating will be confined to the actual parties, so no lunch binge outs.

  • No holiday treats outside of holiday parties and 24-26.

  • Final weigh in will be on NYE


Victoria said...

I applaud your efforts! I need to get my ass in gear, too. but I promise you - it is not as bad as you think. we're all our own worst critics. that is so sad about you calling your man and apologizing!! I'm sure he thinks you're the sexiest woman alive at any weight. best of luck and keep us posted!

ayamc said...

Hi, stranger here reading your blog. I had joined WW last Feb. & was successful in losing 10lbs! After the dropped 10lbs I decided to join a gym and quit WW. Mistake! Ask me how many times I've been to the gym since joining...its pretty pathetic.

Good luck to you!

Kate said...

As Victoria said, I'm sure you look perfectly gorgeous! But I feel you... my wedding is in March??? SHIT! I was 10 lbs lighter when I ordered my dress... I'm really starting to strap down now - I did WW after college and LOVED IT! I still have all my materials so I am beginning to log points again this week - it really is a wonderful program and really helps you stay motivated and on track. If things don't improve soon, I will start going to the meetings again, just for the accountability factor. I don't think my food intake is terrible... its more my wine intake and my lack of cardio... I'm doing personal training but that's only to tone up - I'm thinking I need to hit the tredmill hard to see the results I want.

Good luck! I'm right there with you!