Monday, January 5, 2009

Confession Monday

It appears that I am no longer the rugged backpacking, tent living, mountain woman I once was when I was 21 years old. Granted, I am rapidly approaching my 27th birthday so this shouldn't be a huge shocker, but I definitely felt less at home in my camping gear this weekend. As a right of passage, every geology student goes on a summer course called field camp where you travel all over the western US, living out of a tent for 4-6 weeks and basically earning your stripes as a geologist.

When I returned, I was so used to sleeping on my air pad and sleeping bag, I considered putting off buying a real bed (and as a result ended up buying the cheapest and HARDEST thing they had, NEVER go bed shopping after weeks of sleeping on the ground). This weekend, I definitely started feeling my age/softness during our campout as I wistfully walked past the RVs and may have briefly longed for an air mattress (one of the 7 deadly sins of camping, as declared by me). Gone are the days of me not considering car camping "real camping". Gone is my desire to take D backpacking for a week. I think I am going to let my mountainwoman title go by the wayside.

In this vein, I am going to post my wishlist for some new camping gear:

Okay, so these aren't really camping gear, they're just cute new Merrells that I want really bad.

A new, brighter Petzl headlamp. They've made big advances in headlamp technology since I bought mine.

I think it's time to trade in my backpacking weight air pad for this Thermarest Basecamp (size long). I got one for D a few years ago and he loves it. It's too heavy for backpacking but time to trade up.

A Coleman propane lantern, where I can interchange the propane tanks for our camping stove with the lantern tanks. I also want the matching carrying case.


Elizabeth said...

You are still a campasaurus rex in my book Kelly!

I love my Merrels! I bought some last March that are entirely mesh, and much lighter weight than the suede ones marissa has. The suede ones would probably hold up to hiking better though. Mostly they are good walking shoes for vacation etc because they are so light to pack.

fu said...

i know camping is the same as caving, but all of your camp gear pics just reminded me of 'the descent.' did you see that film, btw?