Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wedding Hair Trial = Fail

So I had my hair trial Friday night and here's how it turned out. D said he liked the back but not the front.

I was not so sure about these twisty things on the side.
The back looked nice, but a little busy and maybe a bit too "I'm on my way to prom".

And this is how it looked after a night of dinner and light bar hopping, no dancing, no wind, lower impact than my wedding day. Not okay. ::sigh:: Back to the drawing board. I want to cry. I'm off to my makeup trial this afternoon, hope it goes better. I'm running the same test on it. I'm getting it done at 2, when I'll be getting it done on the wedding day. Then I'm doing some light grocery shopping (I am aware I will look redonk in HEB with my face in full war paint, but oh well) and then a friend's birthday party until around midnight. This should give me a real time gauge on how it's going to wear, minus the heat factor.


Elizabeth said...

I like the back, but I agree it needs more visual interest in the front. What kind of veil are you wearing?

Jenny.Lee said...

Maybe a more visible side part or something would "clean up" the front?