Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Invitation Debaucle

Yay we got our wedding invitations in the mail. Boo, the address labels for our response cards have the incorrect street numbers on them. Thankfully, Hello!Lucky has been really good about correcting the mistake, especially since they didn't sent me a proof for that part of the order.

Tomorrow I get one of my pre-wedding facials, gotta get a good glow going on the skin for the big day! I'm also kicking around taking up a personal trainer, thoughts?


Milltini said...

I know when the time comes for me to get married, I am going to "splurge" on a personal trainer. I want to look amazing on that day, and I think that having a trainer will hold me accountable and help me go about doing things the right way.

Anonymous said...

A personal trainer is a great idea. Not only will they help you work out at the right intensity but they'll give you great ideas for different things to do if you're leg hurts or what not. Even if you just go for a few sessions they can get you set up on a solid plan.

Kate said...

oh no! I'm so sorry about the invite screw-up - glad they are correcting the issue!

I loooooooove my pre-wedding facials and I also loooooooove my pre-wedding personal trainer - to cut down on the cost, I only see her 2x a week for 40 min and we just target my trouble spots with weights. Then I do a cardio bootcamp 3x a week.

amelia said...

where are you getting your facials??

Christy said...

Trainers are well worth it - I got one when I restarted working out and it really helped to have someone tailor a workout specific to me.

Where are you going for those facials?