Thursday, February 19, 2009


Maaaaybe dumping the used cooking oil in the front yard wasn't the best idea. The morning after the incident, I woke up to the yard stinking of skunk. Our gates were closed, so he couldn't actually get into our backyard. I wonder the oil it attracted the skunk and then he got scared and it sprayed? The part that amuses me is that my neighbor sleeps with their window open and our garbage bins (and my dumping point) is in the general vicinity of their bedroom window.

These are not my favorite neighbors. They yell at Petey when he barks too much and never have bothered to come over and introduce themselves. Yes, I can see how Petey's barking in the morning is annoying, but shut your effing window. Or maybe come over and say hello before yelling out the window at my fur-son? How anyone can sleep with an open window in my 'hood is beyond me, based on safety and noise issues. Hopefully a good skunking taught them a lesson. And yes, we're getting them bark collars, because we are not assholes.

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