Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Heart My Friends

Do you think this E-card will be too harsh to send out come Monday when the RSVP deadline has passed? I went through the list, we're actually making great progress. 36 invitations are outstanding. Of that 36, imaginine for a second that we get no more RSVPs between now and Monday, I can count the number of my friends who haven't RSVPed on one hand. Why am I gloating? Well the family that has not responded will become my parents' issue to deal with, which means I will have to shake down a measly 5 people or less for replies. I haven't looked at D's workload, but I think he's going to be kinda busy next week. And I will not be...with that at least.

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Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully you'll have better luck than we did on the day of the wedding. I believe we had about 6 people who RSVP'd yes not show up and two people who we didn't even invite DID show up. Good Times.