Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Best of Times
  • My ipod Nike+ chip came in the mail today, hooray!

  • I only have 2 more trainer sessions, I love my trainer and have gotten amazing results, but it's been 2x a week for 2 months. I am crying uncle. She asked if I wanted to add a couple more sessions, but with a business trip coming up next week and my family pre-wedding commitments starting the Wed night before, plus trying to squeeze in a last WW meeting, there was just no way. I WILL be working out on my own though, I will just have to do it outside the times she's available.

  • My leg wasn't hurting at all today, I plan on doing a 1 mile run with zero incline tomorrow to test the waters.
  • The Easter bunny brought me the same VS Pink lotion I got as a shower gift for my bridesmaids. I've been smelling myself all day, I smell so good!

  • I found these compression wraps I can wear on my calf while I run to help keep the muscle warm and supported to help prevent future deep muscle pain. I'm going to see if they stock them at RunTex. The article also gave tips on applying heat before the run, cold after, being very conservative with the mileage increases, and avoiding hill work like the plague.

Worst of Times

  • I nearly threw up during my workout. It's probably because my premeal workout consisted of a half a chocolate bar and a corn dog.

  • I have monster PMS so I came home and ate the other half of the chocolate bar...for dinner. Well, I had a slice of 2% cheese and a Fresca too, very nutritious.
  • I found out that my first generation ipod touch is incompatible with my Nike + chip, you have to have a second generation Touch. I assumed I had the second generation since I never run out and buy anything iPod right away. Then I remembered that Darryl bought it for me, that explains it. We ended up deciding to split the cost of a new Nano for me to use on my outdoor runs and for D to take skiing rather than risking his precious iPhone. Once we get the Nano we will have 5 iPod devices in our household and one generic media player. We have a problem.

  • Darryl talked me out of doing a 5k the weekend before the wedding. He told me I didn't need to be limping down the aisle. Really Darryl? Should you be talking?
  • Despite the fact that we are well past the RSVP deadline and have contacted people who did not RSVP, we still have a tiny number of people who have STILL not responded. And no they are not being held hostage by Somali pirates, so there's pretty much no excuse. I can't stall much longer and I have decided I have no problem calling people up and telling them how much we regret we won't see them at the wedding but we had to turn in the count to the caterer and hadn't heard back from them so we assumed it was a no. And we're not buying extra meals for people who might come.

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Janet said...

I love the Nike-iPod plug in, makes running much more fun! It's one of my favorite gadgets b/c you can set goals & upload your run data to the nike site.