Thursday, April 2, 2009

T-Minus 30 Days to Blast Off

Today is the 30 day mark before our wedding, how time flies! I started my dress fittings this week and just finished purchasing all of the attendant gifts (save for the groomsmen, that's D's department). I purchased my clutch and I'm currently negotiating some custom made jewelry with someone on Etsy, I expect to order that by tomorrow.

All of my parties are done and I've got 4 more lbs to drop to achieve my 10% weight loss goal and now it's just all about ticking away the days, hair appointments, facials, etc until it's go time! So far around 60 people have already RSVPed YES!

I've also gotten to the point in the process where I stop asking how much things cost and throw money at the problems. No one tell Darryl.


Milltini said...

haha, so exciting!

I get kisses said...

Oooohhh how exciting. Don't worry those 4lbs will just melt away in the days coming up.

Hope everything continues to go smotly.

Amanda said...

I love the "throw money at the problem" philosophy- less stress, right? I'd justify it!

Jenny.Lee said...

The month is going to fly! I am so excited for you! BTW thanks for posting that WW recipe website. It's been really helpful.

hiero said...

w00t, I actually got my rsvp in