Monday, May 25, 2009

I Survived Memorial Day Weekend '09

I kicked off my weekend by leaving work at 2 PM and meeting up with Darryl to take me to get my Lasik. Thank God they pumped me full of Vallium, because when they cut your flaps with the laser, they have to attach this suction thing to your eyeball and I was clutching the teddy bear they gave me for dear life.

He then took me home where I promptly passed out, only to wake up to my fabulous friend and bridesmaid Christine's (see below) phone call to tell me that her boyfriend Parker had PROPOSED! I tried to sound excited, but I'd had 2 Valiums so it came out more like, (imagine Paris Hilton-esque monotone voice) "You're engaged? That's sooo great. I had Valium." Soooo yes, did not display the appropriate amount of enthusiasm, but I was pumped! I actually got it out of Darryl earlier that day while I was still at work and the general excitement of it all greatly inhibited my productivity. I told all my coworkers since I couldn't tell anyone else :).

The next day I woke up and drove myself to my follow up appointment. My eyes feel a little gritty, I have a few small hemorrhages in the whites, but my vision is 20/25 and will continue to improve. It's still a little hazy to read and see close up details, but I think it'll take another week or so to stabilize.

After my appointment and errands, Darryl and I took Home Depot by storm buying stuff for our home office project. Unfortunately, I didn't take a before picture, but one of the walls was such a bright yellow that I was constantly walking by wondering "Who the eff left the light on in here" only to realize that the lights were off, it was just the wall. It has been my junk room since I moved in here, in fact, most people were surprised to hear we HAD a third bedroom since we keep the door shut when we entertain.

Three gruelling days later, we scraped the popcorn ceiling down, reinstalled the joint tape at the ceiling wall joints, applied and sanded joint compound, sanded and repainted the walls and trim, recaulked the windows, replaced all doorknobs, power outlets, light switches, phone jacks and their respective faceplates, and installed a smoke detector. It was pretty challenging since I had to wear goggles to protect my eyes and I had to do a ton of taping which with my sketchy vision situation, basically required Darryl to come through and retape everything. AND we bought a new desk which we installed (I put it together wrong, once again, vision not really great for reading directions). The dogs expressed their dissatisfaction in our not paying attention to them by walking through the paint, pooping on our drop cloth, and running off with our paint brushes in their mouths.

Here is our finished product. We still have to install the ceiling fan, window treatments, and a few decorating details. After that we'll push the desk back into the corner and install a flat screen between the two windows so D can watch basketball while he's in working. This way he has a nice space to work from home rather than staying at the office until all hours of the night and I have space to set up my study materials for my upcoming PG exam.

Midway through rewiring the light switch I got hit by waves of nausea and had to go lay down and focus on not barfing all over our bedroom. Darryl's theory is I just got over exhausted, I spent most of the day half assing through the rest of the project and laying in bed with body aches (hard to tell if that's from all the crap I did this weekend or actual illness) and chills (but luckily no fever). So here I sit, continuing to watch the John and Kate plus 8 marathon, with the little doggies at the foot of the bed while Darryl works away in the study on actual work stuff. How he has the energy for it, I will never know. He was very patient and sweet nursing me back to health and was okay with my failed attempts to assist in the project. Best husband in the world.


Carli R Kiene said...

You have been insanely busy lately! Thank GOD for incredible husbands. Prayin' you get better, Lovely. ;)

Christine said...

Yeah Me and Parker! I feel special you wrote about us in your blog. You did not sound too drunk, you must have practice pretending you are sober when you are not.

Thanks for the shout out and I can't wait to have your help planning my wedding!