Thursday, July 2, 2009

Confession Monday

1. I totally didn't work out last week I'm so freaking burned out, I think it was working out last week with my raging bladder infection that killed it for me. So I lifted on Monday and took the rest of the week off. I think it was a good move, I'm ready to start back into it this week with new resolve.

2. I cannot stand watering restrictions My lawn needs water more than 2 days a week. Plus one of my designated days is Saturday which means I need to get up before 10 AM to get the sprinkler going, or hang around after 7 PM. I hate coming home at 11 PM Saturday night and having to put the freaking sprinkler on and then sit up for an hour until it's time to turn it off. So I'm devising a plan. I think I'm going to do an intricate grid of soaker hoses on my front lawn and run that bad boy whenever I want because as I understand it, it's legal. Yes, my yard will look like a hot mess, but it kind of already does with a half dead lawn. I also plan on watering my back yard however and whenever I want. I dare my neighbor's to report me. I might need to follow in suit about their kid's backyard pot habit.

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