Monday, August 31, 2009

Rounding out the Fall Shopping

After my LASIK on Friday Christine and I did some shopping. I am really not a huge shopper, I swear, but both Christine and I have lost so much weight lately, we feel like all our work clothes are baggy and sloppy. I'm slowly trying to rebuild my wardrobe with a few fabulous pieces, but trying not to throw myself in it too fully because honestly, I'm scared about being able to keep the weight off.

I originally set out to buy this blazer at JCrew in orange (orange is always in style in Austin, as long as I live here, I consider orange pieces to be timeless), but Christine convinced me that the Iris was a much more flattering/classic color. Dark purple has always been my best color. I cracked myself up completely when trying this on, I came out of the dressing room across from Christine wearing this jacket, with the cream colored ruffle cami under it and had a crack-myself-up-because-I-look-ridiculously-close-to-Austin-Powers-in-this-getup moment. If they'd had it in blue I would have had to go dancing through the store, AP movie intro style. So the cami went back, but I got the jacket.

Since I was suddenly without my orange jacket, I had to get this skirt. This plus my new Banana camisole or perhaps a cream colored sweater set says "I'm a Classy Lady Longhorn Alumnae and this skirt is a subtle reminder of that fact."

Finally, I did cave and buy one ruffle shirt, which will NEVER be worn with the velvet blazer. I justified it because it's light enough that I can wear it in the near future despite the high temperatures (my office is an icebox) to work or on weekends. Same with the blazer.
I think that's all I'm going to do in the way of fall shopping, maybe one more sweater set because I have a 40% off coupon at Banana, but that's it. No more shoppy shoppy until late October which will be to augment my winter wardrobe, and in Texas, we all know how non-essential the winter wardrobe is since it only really can be worn 2 months out of the year.


rena said...

love all of your finds! super cute!

fu said...

i don't know, kelly. for a self-proclaimed non-shopper, you certainly do a lot of shopping!! :)

Jill said...

very classy finds! and congrats on your first ruffle shirt purchase. i'm so proud of you kelly!

hiero said...

nice clothes, now where do I find the girls? =P

A Wedding Story said...

Beautiful clothes! I am lovin' the fall JCrew line!