Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh, You're Still Here?

So either my last post didn't scare you off, or you're a geologist.  Congratulations, the answer to the practice question was B.

Shall we do another? 

You have been assigned to supervise a mud rotary drilling operation and log the cuttings for a

municipal well. The boring will pass through a known shallow salt water zone before entering the
deeper fresh water artesian aquifer. Which of the following is appropriate?

A) Change to an illite based mud.

B) Add barite to the drilling mud.

C) Cement surface casing past the salt zone.

D) Thicken the drilling mud.

I actually got this one right.  I like to cement surface casings like it's going out of style.  The last one I would have gotten if I had remembered what microcline was.  Cut me some slack, I haven't had mineralogy since 2001.  That's almost 9 years bitches.  Holy crap, I've dedicated 9 years to rocks.....FML.

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