Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Belize Trip, Part One, Caye Caulker

Our trip started out smashingly, we were able to upgrade to first class, first two seats.  We flew continental and we had one of the new planes where everyone has their own direct TV at each seat.  The last 3 tropical vacations Darryl and I have taken I have found a way to upgrade to first class.  Clearly I am spoiled, but it just feels so much more vacationy when you're ONLY next to your honey, sipping a bloody mary in your giant air recliner with your warm towel and actual silverware and glassware.  Seriously coach, suck it.  Our arrival to Belize City was smooth and uneventful, once we cleared customs we caught a Tropic Air flight to Caye Caulker.
Here's Darryl at the Belize airport, contemplating the tiny island hopping plane.
Here's the view from the back row of the plane.  Someone got to sit next to the pilot.  I would have quickly been evicted from that seat because there would have been a whole lot of "what does this do?  what happens if I press this?  can I take the controls for a minute???"
We arrived at the Caye Caulker airport and were whisked to our resort by golf cart taxi cab.  All the streets of Caye Caulker are sand and you can count the number of actual vehicles on the island on one hand.
We stayed at the Iguana Reef Inn, it was my second visit there and they were even more wonderful than the last time I was there.  Here's Darryl in the pool with one of our complimentary welcome drinks.  We were so tired from our work week, we spent a lot of our first day taking lots of loooong naps.
Here we are at our hotel dock on one night, watching the sun set.  One advantage of our hotel was that it was one of the few hotels with a view of the sunset, all the other hotels faced the other side of the island.  So we grabbed a couple Cokes (btw, I effing love Latin American Cokes, real sugar=awesome) and watched the sun disappear in a pink orange sky on a turquoise sea with some other nice young couples staying at our hotel.
Here I am at lunch our first day.  You can't tell from the photo, but instead of chairs or stools we sat on swings.  A lot of the bars had swings lining them rather than bar stools.
Our first night, we went on a 4 hour long sunset cruise.  It was a lovely view, the water was freakishly clear, you could see all the way to the bottom.  We met a few other fun couples who we ran into again and again through the course of our vacation, one was even in the row in front of us on the flight back!     
Here's a view of the Split as we sail past.  Our cruise included delicious rum punch, chips, and homemade salsa.  After our cruise we had a yummy and romantic Italian dinner at the island's nicest Italian restaurant.
Here we are the next day, on our way to dive Gallows Point.  We were originally supposed to go to a place where our divemasters had seen hammerheads a few days before our arrival.  However the water was too rough and Gallows was more sheltered.  We did a two tank wall dive.  We saw eels, lobsters, turtles, a nurse shark, and lots of the most colorful fish I've ever seen.  Belize in my opinion, has the most vibrant reef system in the best condition anywhere in the world, and I've been on A LOT of reefs.  I even got to poke a remora right in the belly.  He was all up on me while I was trying to swim, he even tried to swim up the divemaster's shorts.  I had to teach him a lesson.
After a day of diving we'd worked up a powerful appetite, so I took Darryl to Wish Willy's, which is basically some dude's back yard with a bunch of picnic tables set up.  You walk in, ask what he has that day, they list it (shrimp, grouper, chicken, etc).  No description beyond that.  So I ordered the shrimp and Darryl got the chicken and we got a couple Belikins while we watched them grill up our food and chatted with Willy, who's name is actually Maurice (I resisted to ask him if some people call him the Space Cowboy or the Gangsta of Love).
It's a good thing Belikin doesn't suck, because it pretty much the only beer you can get there, though occasionally you'll see a different brand here and there.  I had a dream about it last night, that they were going to start selling it in the States.  I was all over it.

Here's Darryl enjoying his dinner.  They don't tell you much about how they're going to prepare your food, so Darryl's meal ended up being extremely spicy.  My shrimp had a sweet sauce on them, it was a very impressive meal for some dude's backyard.  And it's only $7.50 US per person and includes free rum punch!

That sums up our adventures on Caye Caulker, on to San Pedro!


Emily @ Longley's in San Diego said...

My parents neighbor who I grew up next too LOVES going to Belize to scuba dive, it's his favorite place.
Day one sounds amazing, I can't wait for day two :)

David said...

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