Sunday, May 16, 2010

Belize Trip, Part Two

For the second half of our trip we bid Caye Caulker adieu and hopped a water taxi to San Pedro on Ambergis Caye.  There staff from Matachica Resort met us, drove us to their boat dock in a golf cart and then gave us a private boat ride to the resort.  Here's Darryl and me on the way!
Here's our first view as we pull up to the resort.  A hostess met us on the dock and escorted us to the lobby where the bartender was waiting with a tray of cold towels and pina coladas (they had asked us what our favorite drink was when we got on the boat and called it in so it was ready when we got there) which were sooooo good!  We had lunch by the pool and then we headed to our casita, which are all designated by fruit names, ours was grape.
Here's the inside of our room which was very comfortable and romantic, full of beautiful central american furniture and flowers.
Here's our bathroom, I really loved the shower!  It was so warm and the cool shower felt amazing.  The bathroom setup was really cool too.
Here's Darryl chillaxing on the beach, we also spent a lot of time by the pool, the bartenders were so good, the drinks were yummy!
The front of the casita folded open so we could catch the sea breeze.  Here's Darryl waiting on me to get ready for dinner at Mambo, a very well known resteraunt on Ambergis Caye, which was at our resort.  We had an amazing dinner that was the best meal we'd had in Belize yet.  Afterwards I sipped port while we played pool and then chess. 
Here's our little iguana friend that hung out in our cabana.  We first saw him eating some fruit on the sand outside our cabana, then he hung out on our porch the rest of the trip.
Here's me at Fido on San Pedro.  The next day we were supposed to go on a dive/snorkel trip but the water was too choppy and it was cancelled.  Bummer.  Especially since it was the actual day of our one year anniversary.  It was probably for the best because I was not feeling stellar, it was either a tiny bit of sun poisoning or a bit of me not knowing how to keep my mouth closed in the shower (the shower water was the only unpurified water on the resort).  I was feeling rough.  We started our day with an amazing couples massage and then took a water taxi to town.  We walked around San Pedro, stuck to the beach mostly, had lunch and listened to a live band at Fido, but I couldn't tolerate it too well.  San Pedro is more developed than Caye Caulker with paved streets and tall buildings that block the cool sea breeze so it was extra hot.  We only hung out in town for a couple hours and then went back to the resort and laid by the pool.  Getting into that nice pool felt sooooo good!
After some pepto and Imodium I was feeling pretty good so we went to have dinner at Capricorn, which is another well known restaurant on the island that was featured in Cosmo.  There were lots of young couples there, we had an even BETTER meal there than the night before, it was amazing!  I wore a white sun dress to dinner since it was our anniversary dinner.
Here I am on our last day at the resort, waiting for the boat to take us to the airstrip in San Pedro.  I was sad to leave since we didn't get to do nearly as much diving as we'd hoped, but we got to do a lot more relaxing than we'd planned which I think was for the best.  We decided we'll definitely be back some day for more diving!


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