Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Instant Messanging

Remember how in college you'd put up your away message when you left your dorm room.  How you couldn't wait to get back and see who'd left you messages.  How when you were working on a paper late at night you could see your friends were right there too and you could read what they were up to and even take a break and chat them up?

Fast forward to my life now.  I'm sitting here in my PJs about to embark on what could be an all nighter on what is basically the grownup world's version of a semester's final paper.  In true Kelly fashion, I've procrastinated, my current product is total crap, and I've done a good bit of panicking to get me to the "buckle down" point.  However, I find myself lacking a real piece of that college experience, the comradere of the AIM friend list.  I don't even have AIM on my computer, if I put it on there, would anyone I know actually still use that thing and be online?

Most work places have IM these days.  Remember how excited you'd be when you heard the chimes of an incoming message.  How you'd run to the computer to see what it was or have your friend read it out to you?  Now most of my IMing is done at work and it's exponentially less fun.  I find it's typically someone interrupting me from what I'm doing, asking me a bunch of questions or they're asking me to do something when I'm already swamped or they're saying something of a confidential nature where I have to close the window real quick so no one else can read it.  Basically, when the work IM goes off, I cringe.

So while I no longer have the social network to help me through my all nighter, I do have two adorable terriers, one who is snuggled up in the office dog bed, the other who is lounging across my desk (Ginger will harass you until you put her up there).  Yes they'll fall asleep and start making little doggy snore noises, but it's better than nothing.


Amber and Trey Collins said...

I totally forgot that feeling! Now I'm like What could anyone want!

Christine said...

Totally love this post. So cute.

Kate said...

I too miss the IM Away Messages! Somehow, the G-Chat "away messages" aren't nearly as fun.