Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kitchen Makeover



Well folks, there you have it, the before pictures of our kitchen.  Starting June 18th we kickoff our kitchen remodel.  Spent all day yesterday shopping for a new stove and over the range microwave and cabinet hardware.  We're working this in 2 phases.  Here's the plan:

Phase I, June 18-22
  • Sell old stove on Craigslist to make room for our new 5 burner stainless steel gas range with Accubake and a self cleaning oven.  Also, no more annoying broiler drawer down by my feet.  That's a good way for a terrier to scorch their tiny noses.  New stove will be safer.  We went in fully intending on buying a basic cheapo stove and this is what we came out with. 
  •  We're having a contractor cut the cabinets above our range to accommodate our new stainless steel microwave.  It's bigger, it'll free up some counter space, it does more things than you can shake a stick at. 
  • We're having our drawers completely removed and rebuilt and our cabinets refaced with stained walnut. 
  • Repair water damage in cabinet below sink.
  • We got all new modern looking brushed nickel hardware.
  • We're converting the panel below the sink to a tilt out where we can stash away sponges so our counter top doesn't look as junked up.
  • New light fixture over kitchen table.
Phase II, fall-winter 2010
  • New countertops, either a granite or silestone. 
  • Repaint, scrape down popcorn ceiling.
  • New sink and faucet.
  • New stainless refrigerator.
  • New tile backsplash.
We were going to do it all at once, but we wanted to space it out a bit.  Doing home rennovation, even when you're not doing the work yourself, is daunting but I think it'll be all worth it!

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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

We did all our tiling back splash by ourself- actually Brian did it while I was in Hawaii, all by HIMSELF! You can def do it and save a ton of $$. We refinished all our cabinets ourselves too- that one I actually helped on. I'm curious to hear more about this tilt out in front of the sink- I hate all the sponges sitting around on the counter. How do you make the faux front panel a tilt out?