Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wed Night Shenanigans

Unfortunately, I can't post what I've been up to tonight because it involves:

A) Shopping more than I should have at Anthropologie (I went in to return stuff, I don't know how it happened, I'm so ashamed!  Trying to painfully decide what to part with and return whiiiiich will probably lead to another spree, thus the cycle continues, ugh.)
B) Bachelorette Party prep (of which many of the guests/guest of honor are loyal readers) and I want them to be SURPRISED so I'm keeping that stuff under wraps
C) Spent the night searching Austin for mini quiches and no one really wants to read about that (but seriously, if you know where I can get them, let me know)
D)  All of the above

So as far as the bachelorette party prep goes, no worries my lovelies, I am photo documenting it like a good little blogger, so expect a post Monday-ish?  As I'm working away on my little projects, I'm watching Dear John, which I can't decide if it is sweet or cheesy drivel. 

Darryl's on his way home from the airport, just flew in from a business trip in New Jersey.  There was a bit of an incident involving the New Jersey Turnpike and a trip past the Statue of Liberty rather than the Newark Airport as he'd originally intended, but he's on his way home now, safe and sound. 

That's all for now, kitchen remodel kicks off in 48 hours, busy, busy!


amelia said...

my mom and granny get mini quiches at HEB.,..freezer section, like with the frozen tgifridays dip, and other snacky things...

also, they have them at sams...

can't wait for saturday!!

Christine said...

I am DYING to know what you guys are up to! Really excited!

Mini quiches can be bought at COSTCO. Want to make a run with me tomorrow? I would be happy to let you use my membership.