Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

(not one of my pups, random interwebs pup, but he's cute!)

To be honest, I feel pretty guilty about writing this post.  I'm a big fan of living in the moment and my favorite time of the year is summer.  But for some reason, I am SO READY FOR THIS SUMMER TO END.  For many reasons, this summer has been a frustrating one.  Our kitchen renovation was a bit stressful/involved combined with minimal free time since we were invited to one million weddings, baby showers, wedding showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, reunions, etc.  Now, I guess that means that people like us and we're blessed to have all these friends, which I am grateful, but after a while not being the master of your own weekends, well, they just start to feel like another form of WORK.  I was off doing something fun most weekends but after a while, constant social obligations stop feeling fun, which is something I didn't realize until this summer.  I am definitely suffering from social burnout.  I was so concerned with being there for my friends and not wanting to miss any of the fun, that I forgot how much I need down time.

Combine that with a bit of a bumpy patch in my actual work and weather forecasts all next week of up to 104, kind of makes me just want to fast forward through the rest of this month.  So here's what I'm looking forward to in September.

Gardening-I have been out working in the garden beds as often as possible, but it's one million degrees.  I've been prepping the beds for the fall planting and getting my seedlings in the ground so we have good production when it cools off.  Combine that with having to be extra vigilant with the watering schedule so the seedlings don't scorch and shrivel, let's just say I'm looking forward to reaping some of those rewards.  Planted string beans, flowers and will be adding broccoli and cauliflower transplants in Sept.

Getting Back On a Regular Workout Schedule-Summer's social calendar has kept me busy or out of town (or hung over) most weekends.  I have had to double time my home chores in the week/been so drained after work that I have been spending most of my weeknights doing crap around the house.  However, with some recent changes at work and having my weekends back, I'm looking forward to getting my life back in balance.

Some Welcome Pampering-I've recently discovered Groupon and Living Social so I've booked a nice facial and eye treatment as well as planned some lovely meals out for me and the hubs.  Plus I'm looking forward to buying some fall clothes.  With some recent weight fluctuations (see lack of working out above) and financial strain from renovations, I've had to cut shopping and some restaurant dining out of my usual routine.  It'll be nice to buy a couple new pieces for fall.

One More Wedding-Yes, I've been complaining about having too much crap to do on weekends so this may be a contradiction, but C&P's wedding weekend will be fun if I can avoid letting work get in the way.  I'm doing my darnedest to get ahead at work so I can relax and celebrate their nuptials.

Vegas!!!!!!-I'd be lying if I said the promise of this trip isn't what's keeping me from sticking my head in the oven right now (okay, I know, I'm being so dramatic).  We're going at the end of the month with 2 other super fun couples.  The weather in Vegas that time of the year is ideal and I know we're going to have such a good time.  I am a big believer in weekend getaways and Vegas is my favorite spot, can't wait!


Amber and Trey Collins said...

Just wait till you have kids! It's there social schedule and theirs. You would never guess how many parties you will be invited it. You will go broke on gifts!
Learning to decline invitations is so tuff but an absolute must or just like you said you don't enjoy any of them :)

Janet said...

VEGAS!! This is going to be the perfect way to end the summer and welcome fall - one last big blowout!