Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tanning Salon Girl, Math is NOT Your Forte

So I love the Palm Beach Tan by my house, I have been a long time patron.  Yes, it's run by 16 year old nitwits, but I, in all my wisdom and maturity managed to eff up the tan on my FACE a mere 48 hours before my wedding over a year ago, so who am I to judge?  Said nitwits may be stupid about most life skills, but their combined brainpower (though it was painful to watch them work the problem) saved my face and has delivered quality Mystic Tans for many years, despite my own idiotic attempts to muck up my tan.  Note that I can perform advanced calculus and am skilled in physics at the same level as most engineers (or so my college transcript would claim), yet I am befuddled by equiptment easily mastered by a high 16 year old girl.  Okay, so maybe they're not high. 

Anyways, so I'm asking the girl about tanning packages since I have several events in the next 2 months requiring a little extra pigmentation and there are usually good deals to be had.  She offers me a deal for 2 tans for $30, so $15 a tan.  Okay, so what if I wanted to commit to more tans?
Her: "Well we have 3 tans for $50?" 
Me:  "What else you got?"
Her: "4 for $75"

I stopped and paused and fought the urge to point out to her that buying in bulk ususally REDUCES the unit cost in these scenarios, not raises it.  But I just said, "two tans for $30 please," lest she spike my tan bottle with extra dark pigment in response to my sassy mouth.

Side note, the new HD booths are AWESOME.  They spray warm air on you so you aren't naked hosed down with DHA like a shivering half drowned rat freezing the whole time.  Seriously, it makes a difference.  I almost didn't go tonight because I hate being cold, wet, and in my birthday suit in that thing.  It takes a long time to warm up, which was a drag, but it was so much more comfortable!  And they put some crazy crap in my bottle that makes me less smelly (though I am still quite smelly, just not as bad).  Seriously, get thee to an HD booth.

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Janet said...

Oooh I haven't heard of the HD booth, I want to try this!

Agreed it's always a pulling teeth experience w/the tanning kiddos that run those joints.