Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul, Gonna Set My Soul On Fire

Spent the weekend in Vegas with friends, couldn't have been better timing.  We had an amazingly stressful couple of weeks, I worked all last weekend and was ready to lose it by the time Thursday rolled around.  I ended up randomly sitting next to our company's CEO at lunch and totally scored some Southwest drink tickets off him.  Those with ones combined with the ones Molly and Buckley brought got the party rolling on the flight out.
We landed around 9 PM, we are expert packers and everyone carried on (I still cannot believe us ladies pulled this off, what with all the liquid restrictions) and were met by our limo driver who greeted us with long stem red roses and a chilled bottle of champagne.  Here's Molly filling my glass.
Here's me saying, "Ef you work, I'm about to party my face off."  First stop was to the liquor store where the boys came up with copious quantities of liquor and mixers.
Cheers to our Couple's Retreat Weekend!
Second stop was to the Vegas sign.  You can barely see Janet and I frolicking under it.  Also, stepped out of our limo to a drunk girl vomiting next to our limo.  Oh Vegas, you never disappoint.  Pictures didn't come out but at least I FINALLY got to see the sign in person, it was so neat!

We checked into our room and Darryl and I were upgraded to an East Tower suite at the Las Vegas Hilton,  which had plenty of seating for our whole crew to pregame and a wet bar and refrigerator to store our liquor store booty.  We also had two showers.  I wanted to ask Darryl to use the one shower at the same time as I used the other shower, but then I decided that was lame.  We even had a mirrored foyer and a little doorbell thingy, though I'm not sure what purpose that served.  I shut it the first night, figured it would make our room quieter?  The beds were SO comfy.  I asked for the upgrade when I checked in, I'm entitled to one because of my Hilton Honors status, but I decided to slip the desk clerk $20 just to see how far I could push that perk.  He was young, early twenties, so I thought he'd totally bite.  His response was kinda hilarious, he got all flustered and started talking alot and then upgraded us, slipped the $20 back and told me not to worry about it.  So A) yay not having to spend $20 to get a totally decent upgrade and B) I thought all Vegas desk clerks were seasoned veterans with this kind of thing, there are whole websites dedicated to this practice, I thought it was cute he was all flustered.
Next we mixed up a few roadies and hit the monorail to go hang out on the Strip.

The guys went to the craps and blackjack tables while us ladies hit the slots at Bill's Gambling Hall.  The boys leaving us unattended was apparently a critical error.  We were getting hit on constantly by what looked to be rejects from a Jersey Shore casting call.  We all were wearing rings, really?  Total creepsters. 
Here's Janet and I at the slot machines.  We discovered this trip that we love slots that spin.  Wheel of Fortune was a big hit.  Wizard of Oz was also a hit, hello flying monkey bonus and chair that vibrates and plays music?  We all agreed that we didn't know what the frack was happening in that game, but it sure made a lot of pretty noises and sounds.
This machine was my favorite, what else screams retired cat lady other than a Kitty Glitter slot machine!  Molly with Kitty Glitter.  After a long night of drinking and gambling, we called it a night around 4 or 5 AM.  And that was just day one...


Janet said...

Haha! Love the re-cap of day 1! Good start to our "couple's retreat", lol!

The Collins in 2010 said...

Don't leave us hanging what happened on the rest of the trip??????