Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

Met up with my friend Lyra to go to the Texas Spirits Alumnae reunion.  I didn't want to geek out too hard in front of the actives/Lyra so I have no pictures but the gals totally outdid themselves this year.  They had the Active/Alumni mixer at Mayfield Park, which if you didn't know is possibly the most fab location for a garden party on EARTH.  Christine and Parker at Misadventures of An Ex-Yankee did their engagements there, shot by Inked Fingers of course.   They got a kick that Lyra and I, though we pledged 10 years ago, were still friends.  Lyra even found a lady who had been a pledge in the late 80's that had lived in the same bed in the same dorm room as her.  How crazy was that?

We noshed on all sorts of yummy treats including a chocolate fountain and a champagne fountain.  The gals still know how to throw a great soiree and based on the caliber of the actives we chatted up, I can tell why Spirits won UT's Best Student Organization this year.  I cannot express how proud I am to have been a part of this organization and how happy I am to see these ladies continuing the tradition and always it's always wonderful to catch up with Lyra, we don't see each other enough.  After the mixer I came home and my parents arrived to stay with us for the weekend.

I cooked up a little breakfast complete with wild blueberry scones with pumpkin butter and a sun dried tomato, spinach, and goat cheese fritatta.  Then my mom and I headed down to the Natural Gardner for what I originally set out to be just a window shopping trip (FAIL).  If this whole geology thing doesn't work out I would love, love, LOVE to work there.  Total fantasy job.  I ended up coming home with a wagon full of goodies, I got a few new lettuce plants, a couple of mums, chives, and a few arugula plants, which my mom and I planted together.  Then we headed up to Ikea and bought a new cabinet to hold our liquor and barware and I got Darryl a new bedside lamp to match the one I already had.  Now our bedroom and kitchen are complete, hooray!  Saturday night we went downtown for a haunted tour of Austin on Segways. 
Darryl and I at the Capital

My parents on their Segways

It was a great tour, the guide told some good spooky ghost stories about Austin and we had a lot of fun zipping around town on the Segways.  It was pretty scary at first and a number of people on our tour fell off at some point, but I managed to stay on and got that bad boy up to its maximum speed (12 mph).  We had planned to walk around town following our tour but had a major case of Seg-legs (even though you're riding around your legs HURT when you get off) so we opted for a visit to Kerbey Lane and then went straight to bed.

Woke up and had breakfast with the parents.  Darryl had been suffering from a cold all weekend and was pretty worn out after Saturday, but he rallied.  My mom and I sat on the back porch and cracked pecans (I have two huge pecan trees in the yard) and we wrapped up our weekend.  After my parents headed back to Austin I did the week's grocery shopping and spent a few hours cooking up some chicken stew and garlic herb popovers, half of which went to some friends with a new baby and the other half served as our dinner.  I spent about 3 hours in the kitchen today, Darryl said "I looked like I was Betty Crocker or something."  Finally, I closed out the weekend by showering, putting on some comfy loungewear, and sipping mimosas while cleaning out the old DVR.  Couldn't have asked for a better weekend!


Miss M! said...

So much for people not being able to fall off those things, huh? I bet I totally would be one of them too. I'm super jealous that you have pecan trees in your yard.

Miss M! said...
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