Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Day In the Life....

I saw Kate at Elephantitas Alegres do this a few months back and I thought it was such a great post idea, so I totally stole it.  Hope you enjoy mine as much as I enjoyed reading hers!  This is my life on Thursday....

My terrier alarm goes off at 5:30 AM.  Petey hops off the bed and starts running around the room like a madman, hoping the jingling of his collar is enough to wake Ginger who sleeps in the other room and has a talent for barking us out of bed.  We've gotten wise to their conspiracy and Ginger now sleeps on the opposite side of the house and has a white noise machine, so Petey's antics are useless.  I walk across the bedroom, pick him up, and put him back in bed with us for another 30 minutes.

At 6 AM my real alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button and then I get up, take the dogs out, feed them, and then hop back into bed and hit the snooze button continuously until 7 AM.  At 7:10 I hop into the shower.  At 7:20 I host a conference call in my kitchen.  I should have gotten up earlier, so I lead the conference call sans pants.  ::sigh:: 

While I'm on the call I pop in a pod to my Keurig and fill up my pink sparkle travel mug I got in Vegas.  By 8 AM my call is over, I put on pants and makeup and am out the door by 8:15.

I don't have a long commute, in fact I only have to drive 3 miles and I don't have to get on any major highway.  My.  Commute.  RULES!  The whole way I rock out to Ke$ha.

I roll into my cube around 8:30 AM.  Here is where the magic happens.  In case you are new to the blog, I'm a geologist/environmental consultant.  Note that the magic is very messy and full of post-it notes.  I scarf down a half a cup of low fat cottage cheese and a banana for breakfast while I work.

This owl lives in my cube over my computer monitor next to my very professionally framed PG certificate.  You'd think a document I worked so hard to get would warrant a proper frame, but no, it's in a pocket protector.  The owl used to hang out in a tree in front of my office to scare off birds so they wouldn't poop on our cars (by the number of car washes I had to get, I'd say that was a fail).  They cut the tree down and this guy ended up in my cube.  He wears a bow because he's fancy.  I am currently scheming all sorts of holiday appropriate attire for it.  Anyone know how to fashion a pilgrim hat for a fake owl?  

I spend the day fielding one million phone calls and doing all sorts of tasks.  My desk is covered in papers and folders.  I don't like to get too specific in what I do, but just know I was super duper busy.  At lunch a coworker and I go to Maria's for lunch.  We go to Maria's at least once a week, usually on Mondays, but we haven't gone out to lunch all week and our day is pretty crazy, so this is a welcome break.

I come back to a million messages.  I accidentally left my cell phone at my desk when I went to lunch, but am kind of glad to have had an hour of peace and quiet.

Three PM rolls around and it's time for some Chai tea in my Longhorn Tervis tumbler and an apple cinnamon rice cake.  I continue on like this until 6 PM, by which point they've already shut the overhead lights off on me and I am the last person to leave the office. 
I get home around 6:15 and am greeted by the terriers, here's Ginger, a blurry, squirmy ball of fur who is wiggling and wagging all over the foot of the bed until I pet her hello.  I kiss the hubs hello, I change clothes, I freshen up and Christine  picks me up to go to see a movie at the Alamo.
Here's my movie outfit.  Gap curvy jeans, sweater by Old Navy, ring by the Limited, not pictured, red patent flats by Steve Madden.

On the way to the movie, I field a couple work calls (never a dull moment with my job) and fire off a couple work related text messages.  Finally we get to the Alamo and enjoy a lovely dinner, Malbec, and see Morning Glory, which is a totally cute chick flick. 

After the movie Christine drives me home, I have some quality time with Darryl, he has gone to dinner with Christine's husband while we were out, and by 11 PM I am passed out with Petey's body pressed up against my legs, I don't even hear Darryl come to bed....


Meredith said...

So glad I found your blog, I love this post! You sound about as busy as me - it sucks sometimes! But I love love love your dogs and your adorable travel mug. :)

Janet said...

Nice - sounds like a full day! Animals are freaks - how do they wake up at the exact same time everyday? With the time change Dexter's has moved up from 7am to 6am, boo.

Kate said...

Yay for Day in the Life! I love these - I find the details of people's lives fascinating! And, as always, I miss Alamo Drafthouse LIKE WOAH.

Jill said...

ha, loved this post!! i'm going to steal this idea, for sure. i have pup alarm clocks too, petey sounds just like dex. also i love the owl. and that you do fun things like go to the drafthouse on a weeknight. i should probably get out more. and thanks for the morning glory review, i shall plan to see that this week!

the word verification is comas. i feel like i could go into a coma the way this day is going.