Monday, December 20, 2010

Fall TV Discovery, Who Knew?

I discovered a new favorite show this fall, The League.  I got into watching it because I joined a Fantasy Football league for the first time this year (Note:  I previously mocked all FF dorks relentlessly.  Now there is a Kelly shaped indention in my couch due to the 9 hours of football I now watch every Sunday, that's right, 9 hours).  It's surprisingly a LOT of fun and the guys in my office were kind enough to get me started, even though upon being asked to join I immediately asked "We aren't having one of those dorky draft parties, are we?"  Which come to find out is pretty fun, but my immediate mockery was daunting I'm sure, I'm glad they still let me stick around to beat their asses (made it to the Semifinals, what? what?).

Anyways, so I started watching The League because I'd heard from a coworker that A) It was funny and I'd probably actually get it since I was doing FF this year and 2) It's funny like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Statement numero dos immediately put me off since I decided after viewing one episode (Kitten Mittens) that It's Always Sunny sucks and isn't funny.  But I gave it a chance anyways and was pleasantly surprised. 

This show is really funny, I even convinced my non-FF participating husband to watch it and every episode he laughs out loud and now has the whole first season (the second season just ended) which I will totally be rewatching.  And it's not too heavy on the football, it helps to have a moderate understanding of what FF is, but it won't keep you from finding it funny and might even encourage you to try it out next year.  Season 1 might make a great gift for the football lover in your life?  If nothing else, it makes my time on the elliptical fly by!

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Janet said...

Ahhh Kitten Mittens in the best Always Sunny episode!!

The Fiance has gotten me into The League, I love the guys in it - dorky yet so funny!