Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kelly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This past week I had a rotten day.  The ins and outs of what I found so disturbing are neither here nor there.  But what I thought was interesting was my method of coping:

  • Came home, stripped off work clothes, put on big fuzzy pink bathrobe.
  • Husband came home, told him about my day, cried, mascara full on running down my face.
  • Lots of sympathetic hugs and snuggles from him and the pups.
  • Ate leftovers in lieu of cooking dinner as planned, put on my running shoes and headed down to Town Lake.
  • Upon getting out of my car a man came up to me and asked me to use his cell phone.  He'd somehow managed to lock his keys, cell phone, and wallet in his trunk and his alarm kept going off.  Assessed that his story was probably legit and that he was not an axe murder or phone stealer (I have an iPhone 3G anyways, if it got jacked, good excuse to get the next model right?) and he was in fact having a worse day than me.  I took pity on him, let him use my phone and wished him luck.
  • Ran 3 miles while watching the sun set on the beautiful Austin downtown skyline.  God I love Austin.
  • Might have inadvertently gotten into a foot race with an old man.  He kept running next to me, changing his pace to match mine.  So I sprinted up a hill and he totally did too?!  What.  The.  Heck?  By that point I was out of breath and stopped to walk, he ran 10 more paces, turned around and looked at me, and stopped and walked confirming my suspicion that it was TOTALLY INTENTIONAL.  And also I got my butt kicked in a race by some old dude. Was more amused than anything by this. 
  • Totally sweated out all my anger/angst.
  • Came home, played with the pups more, knocked out some stuff for work and responded to some of my blog comments, at which point my hubs came home from hanging out with friends.
  • As I was responding to the comments, I guess I was smiling really big (love you guys that actually read this thing!) and he said "What are you smiling at?" and I responded, "Does it matter, I'm actually smiling!", he responded "yeah, it looks good on you".  Love him so much, what a stellar ending to a less than ideal day!

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