Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well folks, another lame weekend recap.  Actually, it was a pretty eventful weekend with several good stories, but unfortunately, mucho work related, which I don't blog about as a rule. 

Hopped a jet to Denver for my company wide technical meeting.  It's a super cool thing they do every year.  This year I was invited to present on a paper I had written on groundwater sampling technology.  We arrived just in time for lunch and the opening session.  I saw lots of good talks that day and got to spend some quality time bonding with my colleagues.  Interpret "bonding" as you may, I'll leave it as that.

Woke up bright and early Saturday AM for my 8 AM presentation.  I felt less than stellar.  Not terrible.  But not like I was about to run a marathon either.  My presentation went well, lots of great questions and lots of people coming up to me for the rest of the day asking me about my study and complimenting my presentation.  I was nervous, I rushed, I have no idea if I made any sense, most importantly, I was thrilled that it was over.  It was an amazing honor but really scary at the same time.  After lunch I ducked out on a few talks and took an hour power nap, then headed back to the convention center. 

That evening we had our big banquet and went out to explore the bars.  Since a lot of us were hurting a tad from the night before, about half of it took it pretty easy (the other half, not so much).  Hung out with people in the lobby until 2:30 AM and then called it a night. 

We went out to breakfast and then headed to the airport where our plane taxied out to the runway, then had to turn around and come back because of a mechanical problem.  So they put us on a new plane.  Taxi us out to the runway, turn around to come back because one of the engines had a "fatal error".  You know what two words I don't want to hear on an airplane?  "Fatal" and "error".  So we were put on  a third plane.  By that point it was obvious that the pilot was hating life as much as we were.  So a $100 travel voucher, a chocolate chip cookie, a lengthy discussion with my coworkers about how we could get snakes on a plane, three airplanes and five hours later, I was home sweet home. See you next year, Denver.

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