Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today I Am Grateful For.....

Seems like a lot of people around me have a bit of a bug up their butts lately.  Maybe it's the phase of the moon or the fact that I came back to work after a lovely little weekend (to be recapped later) but since I am uncharacteristically Zen as of late, here's a list of things that I am thankful for:

Pretty light weight cotton dresses and sandals to wear to work in triple digit heat.

A fresh cherry colored pedicure
Snaking on fresh salsa made with tomatoes from our garden.
Fresh watermelon.

A bouquet of peonies sitting on our kitchen table.
What are you grateful for?


Janet said...

Ha! My mom blames the fussiness on mars being in retrograde(not totally sure what that means).

I am thankful for quiet evenings at home w/the hubs & pup, fun costume jewelry that makes the outfit, a great glass of wine w/the girls, a gossip mag by the pool & yes agreed, a fresh pedi :-)

Susan said...

I am grateful for my son, my husband and my health. My son is grateful for watermelon, too! He just can't get enough! :)

Lisa said...

I was having a bad day and I came across your blog...this post left me grateful for the things I should have been thinking of instead of what went wrong! Thank you!