Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Rome Waldorf Astoria, My Natural Habitat

On our second day in Rome we left our tiny cramped room in the city and did some sight seeing.  We bought our Roma Passes, hopped on the subway, and zipped off to the Colosseum.  We did our guided tour with our Rick Steves audio guides, of course.

 Next stop was the Forum and Palatine Hill, Roma Pass and Rick Steves to the rescue!
Next we grabbed a couple slices of pizza and ate on the steps by a fountain near the Pantheon.  We went inside an had a look around, once again, Rick Steves free audio tour.

Next we headed to the Trevi Fountain, tossed a few coins into that bad boy.  After a day of hoofing it around to all of Rome's archaeological treasures (which was made easier because there were some helpful street signs unlike anything we'd seen in the other Italian cities we'd visited thus far), we were wiped out.  So we grabbed our luggage and hopped a cab to our second hotel in Rome, the Waldorf Astoria.  I have a ton of hotel points and the hotel was free (it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it).  Other friends had stayed there and had good things to say about it even though it was more out of the way than most other touristy hotels.  I was THRILLED when we walked into our room.  LOOK at how big it was!  It was big by American standards, so by Italian standards it was downright obscene.  I was giddy.  No more crashing into each other while we tried to get ready in the morning.  Pillow menus, fluffy robes, room service, complimentary sparkling water and chocolates on the pillows.  Oh and the CLOSET space.  Our hotel was also home to La Pergola, the only three Michelin starred restaurant in all of Italy.  Of course we didn't have reservations made 6 months in advance, nor did we have 400 Euros to spare for us to have dinner there (not an exaggeration, that's how much it costs), but I took the elevator up to the top floor and rolled out of it like I owned the place.  Even the bar was too spendy with the cheapest cocktail costing 15 Euros.  As quickly as we came, Darryl piled me back into the elevator before I could get us into some serious financial trouble.

We had a cute little seating area and a balcony with chairs and a table.  And the bathroom was huge.  I had my own little makeup stool and area, so no fighting for the mirror.

We freshened up, had a few glasses of champagne and snacks in the complimentary lounge and then took the shuttle into town.  You could rent a Ferrari from the hotel and zip around town.  We were more comfortable with the shuttle.

We went for a romantic stroll to the Spanish Steps, pretty much just wandered around and did the Rick Steves night walk in our Rome tour book.

We had a long wait at the taxi stand to get back to the hotel, which was annoying because we were super tired and spent half the night stroll lost, but when we returned to our room we found a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for us.  I had mentioned we were celebrating our second wedding anniversary months ago when we were making our room reservation and they remembered.

So we put on our fuzzy robes, slippers (isn't it funny that they put out little mats by the bed when they did the turn down service?  I do hate letting my bare feet touch hotel carpet, it's like my pet peeves were totally catered to.), grabbed our pillow chocolates and our bottle of champagne and sat on the patio and watched all the people roll in for the night in their Ferraris.

Some of those people drove not just Ferrari's but Bugatti Veyrons.  The most expensive modern car in the world (worth a cool 1.5 million dollars and I TOTALLY touched it). Out of our league much, ha!


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