Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

First of all, thanks to everyone for the helpful input on the shoe size issue.  I've decided to refrain from any shoe purchases until post-baby.  My husband can write me a big fat IOU on them. 

Had a nice evening home alone as the hubs was out with friends.  I got plenty done around the house, I hung up and partially organized the nursery closet, did laundry, and worked on our will.  Now that the baby is on her way, I figure we need grown up things like a will and life insurance.  These aren't super fun blog fodder, but I will recommend Quicken WillMaker.  Not sure about the quality of the legal document produced by it, but it took me no time to put together. 

Saturday morning I went to Junior League's A Christmas Affair with Christine and Janet.  I am so glad I discovered this event as it will probably be something I take our little girl to as she gets older and will be attending for the shopping.  I thought it might be a silly way to waste money, but once I got there, I saw lots of unique things and wished I'd come with a better game plan to do more of the shopping with the nieces and nephews.

I got lots of great hostess gifts that I now have a decent little stockpile of.  No longer will I have to rummage around at the last minute or run to the store on the fly so I don't show up for a dinner party empty handed.  I got drink mixes, dip mixes, teas, a super cute ornament customized to indicate that this year is the Christmas that we are expecting (will include a photo once I get it on the tree), and lots of baby clothes.  I also discovered Austin retailers that I would have never known about otherwise like GaGa Boutique located on SoCo.  They had all sorts of unique Austin-ey onesies (I got one with a guitar on it as a tribute to D), teething necklaces, and I picked up this Diappes & Wipees carrier.

It holds 2-4 diapers and wipes so if you want to grab the baby and minimal extra crap, you can just grab this.  Once again, the guitar theme for D.  I figure it's good for him to have when he's taking the baby somewhere quick or running over to a friend's house so he doesn't have to lug the giant diaper bag.  There were also lots of clothing boutiques for grown ups and children alike.  Sadly I didn't want to invest in any clothes other than maternity, so I skipped the grown up stores but they had some super cute stuff.  I got the baby a couple other things, but didn't get too carried away, if anything I wish I'd bought more because I kept thinking about things and wishing I'd sprung for them.  I'll know for next year and plan my budget accordingly.  They also have great events in the morning for the kiddos, I look forward to taking our little girl to those!

Afterwards I came home and had a nap.  Later that night we met friends downtown for dinner and drinks. 

Sunday was a rather dull day.  I woke up and got a prenatal massage and then came home and did chores.  D continued his war with the dresser refinishing all weekend, extended from last weekend.  We finally gave up and decided to paint the whole thing white to match the other baby furniture.  We tried, you win some, you lose some.  I then sat around the house, drank tea, did laundry, napped, ran errands and snacked on some smoked gouda (cheese is my number one craving in pregnancy). 

I got a lot done and feel like I'm leaving the house in good shape for the upcoming holidays!  I look forward to spending time with family and cooking up a storm!

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