Friday, November 7, 2008


We went to Uchi last night to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. I had high expectations for what is regarded by many as the best sushi restaurant in town. While I don't think it's my kind of sushi restaurant, it was a fantastic dining experience. I enjoyed it a lot more than Darryl, so we probably won't be returning any time soon, but maybe a few years down the road. It was probably the freshest and highest quality sushi I've ever eaten as they fly their fish in from the Tsukij market in Tokyo daily. Here's what we ordered:

I started out with a glass of the takara nigori, unfiltered, nutty, with a hint of cream soda which they served me complete with a masu. The sake glass was filled to the rim and overflowed into the box as a sign of prosperity. This is probably the best sake I've ever had and the first cold sake I've had.

Next, we held ourselves over with some edemame while we waited for our food. They brought out the hamachi cure first, which is maplewood-smoked baby yellowtail with yucca, asian pear, and garlic brittle. I love hamachi and the smokey flavor was fantastic. Darryl was not a hug fan, I was worried.

We got the following items in no particular order:

hot rock “sear it yourself” wagyu beef with ponzu sauce
on a japanese river rock- very yum, very fun, wish there was more!

bacon steakie twice-cooked kurobuta pork belly with green apple-probably Darryl's favorite

avo bake creamy baked tiger shrimp and krab, served in an avocado-very good, I love me some avocado

bond roll avocado, sundried tomato, white soybean paper, with salmon-major disappointment, not impressed

spicy tuna roll bigeye tuna, japanese cucumber, toasted black and white sesame-the tuna was impressive but Darryl found the japanese cucumber to be overpowering.

tempura asparagus, japanese pumpkin, and black tiger shrimp-a good and cheap stomach filler, the asparagus were the best!

For dessert we had:

cracked pepper sorbet with strawberries- who the hell thought of this? I knew Darryl would never order it, so I just sort of didn't tell him what we were getting. We both loved it! Very refreshing.

jizake crème caramel with brown butter sorbet & ginger consommé-like a flan with some sorbet, the sorbet had great flavor. Darryl hates ginger so he was worried but this ended up being our favorite dessert!

While we definitely ran our sushi tab up higher than usual, we did not do as much damage as the table next to us, who were breaking up the bill and it came to $125 a person. Granted, I think the high price tag is justifiable based on the quality you get, but we just weren't wild enough about it to drop that kind of coin again on Uchi any time soon, but I think it's definitely a must try forf the sushi aficionado. Just be sure to bring your wallet :).

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