Sunday, January 25, 2009


I woke up this morning only to remember I didn't put our wedding website on our wedding invitations which have already been ordered and are currently being shipped as we speak. So now I have to see if my dad can make up some little cards to stuff in with the invitations with a card that says something like "For more details please visit" Maybe that's actually classier? Annoying.

Friday night we went to a friend's wedding rehearsal and dinner and Saturday we attended their wedding, Darryl was a groomsman. It was my first wedding to attend with Darryl as his fiance, so I definitely looked at it in a different light and took lots of notes about what worked and what didn't. Only 97 days remain!

Tonight we're attending a cooking class at Central Market to learn how to make sushi, I'm so excited!


amelia said...

how was sushi class?? how fun!!!

TJLoop85 said...'s easy to forget a small detail like adding your wedding website to the least you remembered to send the wedding invitations! Only a minor hiccup.

Hope you have a great wedding!

Victoria said...

no worries about the website. I for one think it'll look better as a separate insert! that way there are no slashes, colons, or wwws to mess up the beautiful feng shui of your invitations. :)

elizabeth said...

I have a plan for you! Use vista print to make business card sized inserts for the invites. They have a ton of templates, and its free! You just pay shipping. Michela P. turned me onto these because she made herself "calling cards" like business cards with her personal info on them.