Sunday, February 8, 2009

Add to Your iPod

Two songs that have really resonated with me this week:

Teen for God by Dar Williams off of My Better Self

Do You Remember by Jack Johnson off of In Between Dreams

Check them out, they're both available on iTunes. Also, i highly recommend checking out the Putumayo World Music Hour, on KGSR Sunday nights at 9 PM. But you can also catch their shows through their website, iTunes, and Live365.

1 comment:

amelia said...

non ipod related:

yes, we do have a coordinator, but i am sort of running the show (by my own type-A-choice) until the big day...

i definitely don't think 5 to 1030 will be too long.

we are putting 430 on the invites, but cocktail hour is before the 515 ceremony...then the party continues after the ceremony from 6pm to 11pm officially, then the afterparty continues til...??