Monday, February 2, 2009

Confession Monday

I have been a religious contributor to my retirement fund since the age of 12, thanks to my mother. I've been working at my new job for nearly 2 weeks now and I have yet to set up my 401K. On one hand, I lack a sense of urgency because they don't do a set contribution match. In fact, I can't even understand their matching program. I need someone to explain it to me about 17 more times and am too embarrassed to ask the HR lady to do it again. It's like nothing I've ever encountered before. I think they want to give me company stock or something? I'm so lost.

Also, I have had to dip into my emergency savings ever so slightly during my vacation time between jobs. I have to sit down and figure out exactly the damage, but I'm only expecting it to be a few hundred bucks and a lack of retirement contribution will allow me to replenish that borrowed money in no time.

And yes, I've read that now is in fact the absolute best time to be contributing to your retirement accounts, but it is so damn painful to watch my accounts tank every month and so much more rewarding to spend that money on pretty clothes and pre-wedding pampering. I'm allowing myself 1 month of irresponsibility, then I will get back to reality. Argh.

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Milltini said...

It is really painful to watch your account go in the tank every month these days! Long-term investing...thats what we have to keep in mind!