Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rapid Fire Random Musings

  • Jillers, I will email you soon, so busy as of late. I never understood how people are too busy to email, but now I know.
  • I feel really overwhelmed with work, getting in shape, Vegas, and visiting Marion this weekend.
  • Vegas is INSANE. I thought it was crazy to get a room at the Vegas Hilton for $50 a night, you can book a room at the Sahara for $25 a night. Vegas is such a great value right now.
  • I watched W. tonight (in all my free time). It was a weird movie and it left me all confusey inside. Do I continue to hate Bush? Do I feel sorry for him? And then I felt bored? I think this is why the movie was kind of a flop.
  • Vicky Christina Barcelona premiers on OnDemand TOMORROW! I have no time to watch it, hopefully I can somehow convince Marion to watch it with me this weekend?


Elizabeth said...

Vicky Christina Barcelona is great! Steve and I saw it Sunday. Typical woody allen, neurotic dialogue.

Amanda said...

Just watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona this week and loved it- you must watch!

Jill said...

ohh i cannot wait to hear about your trip to vegas! i am going there for a day or two in 2 weeks. i've never been so you have to tell me all the fab places and things to do!!!