Saturday, March 14, 2009

FINALLY The Bachelorette Weekend Recap!

Step 1: Photograph Room Number So You Can Locate it Later When You're Drunk

I briefly considered titling this post "Not Being In Vegas Right Now is Such a Beating". I'm supposed to be addressing wedding invitations, instead I can't stop reliving my last nights of glory as a single lady.

I plan out every detail of every trip I take to Vegas with spreadsheets and everything. Inevitably, that plan goes out the window within the first 30 minutes of the trip. This trip was no exception, in fact, our game plan got turned upside down before I even got my luggage off the baggage carousel because we started getting approached by club promoters. After about 12 hours in Vegas, I had VIP wrist bands or had us on the guest list to all of the hot clubs. My cell phone is currently full of texts from club promoters for places like Tao or Blush offering us free entry and free open bar if we come to their clubs. Being a group of women in Vegas is a kind of magic I've never experienced before.

Step 2: If You Get In a Skybox @ Tao on Worship Thursday, Take Photos of the Little People

So Thursday night, the biggest night of the week for Tao, we end up cruising through sans cover or wait, up to a sky box overlooking the club. Our Tao escort was a friend of a friend who told me that those boxes typically go for $5k a night. Once we got tired of the bustle at Tao, we headed over to LAVO which was pretty dead, but we wanted to see it nonetheless. We ended the night with me winning $80 on Star Wars penny slots and then buying a round of drinks for the gals around 4 AM, at which point we realized the sun was coming up in Texas at that time and we should probably head to bed.

Step 3: In Case You Lose All Your Money Gambling, Come Up With A Backup Plan

Friday we did Stripper 101 at the Planet Hollywood (which I like to call the PHo). The class was really entertaining (the teacher was a real stripper, hilarious, and could do things on a pole that are probably illegal in several counties) and I learned lots of neat tricks on the pole. It was one of the best work outs I've had, I was so sore in the sholders the next day! Friday night we went to see Thunder From Down Under, which I initially regretted because it started out pretty cheesy, but once we got into the show, it was the undisputed highlight of our trip, I think we'll all be talking about it until we're very old ladies. I highly recommend it and will be going back any and every time I can drag another female to go with me.

Step 4: I You're Just Going to Have To Use Your Imagination, What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, but May or May Not Involve a Man Thong and A Bottle Of Beer Poured Over the Head of a Beautiful Australian...

We rounded out the night by heading to Tabu for some "warm up drinks" but we never ended up making it to our second destination, the music there was pretty awesome. After a few drinks at the bar, we were escorted to the VIP section, where we danced on the tables until the wee hours of the morning, at which point I believe there was a drunk dial to Darryl regarding a need for a fireman's costume for him and a pole for me so I could continue my training as a pole dancer. He was thankfully too sleepy to recall this sloppy conversation...(ooooh, or is he saving it for the honeymoon? I hope so!)
Step 5: Get Invited to the VIP Room, Drink Vodka, Dance On Table, Repeat.

Saturday was a bit of a rough start considering the sore muscles and hangovers, but my gals are professionals so we saddled up and hit the Strip, paying a visit to the new Encore and enjoying a bottle of wine on the terrace. We headed to Trader Vic's for dinner and then rounded out the evening at Moon and the Playboy Club. Once again, being a woman in Vegas is magic. We couldn't take more than 2 steps without guys coming up to us and introducing us or inviting us to help ourselves to their bottle service. Christine of course got me a cigar and I gambled a bit before we headed down to play the slots at the Palms.

Step 6: When You Roll Into the Playboy Club Like the Red Dress Mafia, Remember You Can Sleep When You're Dead...Or Back in Texas...

I really hope I get to take another all girls trip to Vegas some day. I thought I could never have as much fun as I do with D there, but it turns out I can. I think the ultimate would be to go in a big mixed group so us gals can go have our fun, but still meet up with the guys. Thanks to all my awesome friends who made this trip the bachelorette party of my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!


Christy said...

Awesome, sounds like a great trip!

Victoria said...

i love your steps! i def need to remember #1 for my bach party!

Jill said...

oh mylanta, those pictures are crazy awesome. looks like you had a blast!

amelia said...

how fun!!!!!!!!!!

i'm going to need all the details (and some of those phone numbers!!) when we head to vegas in july for my bachelorette shindig!!


Janet said...

Kelly you covered it all so well! I think the steps we established are essential for any great Vegas bachelorette trip. It was truly a GREAT time :-)

Janet said...

Kelly you covered it all so well! I think the steps we established are essential for any great Vegas bachelorette trip. It was truly a GREAT time :-)