Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

I guess since I have a half a day left, this is premature, but I pretty much have the rest of today mapped out as wedding stuff, laundry, chores, and grocery shopping. Not very glamorous.

Friday night we checked out the B Scene at the Blanton museum with 4 of our other friends. They're running an exhibit called The Birth of Cool. They also had some crazy modern art dancing stuff that we were all trying uber hard to not burst out laughing during. I had to shush Darryl at one point he was laughing so hard. As we were leaving the theater I heard one guy comment "wow, wasn't that incredible!" I'm pretty sure I could have kicked that guy's ass. Try as we might, we are not artsy fartsy types. But the music was fabulous and the cocktails didn't break the bank and a good time was had by all. We rounded the night out at Kerbey Lane, love their tortilla soup!

Saturday I met with Kristen of Life in the Mozart State and went mountain biking at Walnut Creek. Apparently, you CAN forget how to ride a bicycle. It was a rough, I feel bad that I'll be such a lame Muddy Buddy partner for her, but I'm determined to keep trying. I ended up crashing, falling down a hill, and landing in a briar patch. I couldn't get up because every time I put my hand down there were thorns. All I could think was, "please let me not have fallen into a pile of dog poop." Kristen came and rescued me. I'll spare the photos of the briar patch carnage, lest my mom freak out since my wedding is less than a month away. But in the interest of not having arms that look like roadkill, I think I'll keep my practice rides limited to the Veloway. It's pretty hard to crash into a briar patch out there. During my fall, I also managed to throw out my back, which is making life pretty interesting and by interesting I mean painful.

After the biking debacle, I picked up some new honeymoon lingere and bought Darryl's wedding ring. I also ordered some custom made jewelry and my clutch on Etsy (see below).

Saturday night I went out for Thai with my gal pals and saw the Spazmatics play. Now it's off to help D assess the hail damage on our roof. And no, I won't' be climbing up there with my tweaked back. Anyone know a good way to make scratches fade away fast?


Amanda said...

Share the link where you got your jewelry if you don't mind! I love it!

Kate said...

I carried a Red Ruby Rose purse almost exactly like that - my flower is pink! I LOOOOOVE it and it was perfect for my gloss and powder!

hiero said...

only you crips... only you