Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Recap

I downloaded this new iPhone app from Tylenol PM tracking the number of hours that I sleep versus my mood. Not sure how useful the results will be, we'll see what we learn.
In other news, I got my eyes re-LASIKED (went well so far) and attempted to bake bread this weekend (which, btw takes for effing ever, loaf came out of the oven at 2 AM, husband left to see Inglorious Bastards, took me the whole length of the movie plus travel time to and from the theater, and it STILL wasn't done). AND I didn't get bread flour so my regular flower was low on gluten and it didn't turn out super stellar.

The hubs was fantastic, helping me with the grocery shopping, cleaning, etc so I could focus on studying for my geology boards. We also test drove cars this weekend and cut our list down to 4 contenders, 2 Lexuses and 2 BMWs, anyone got any thoughts on which direction we should go?


Alexis said...

My husband is a car-buyer and he would advise you go with the Lexus! Although personally, i just love the sportiness of the BMW.

Janet said...

I haven't had the pleasure of driving a beamer but I am a huge fan or the Lexus, they just drive soooo smoothly & you'll look way hot and sophisticated in one!

Christy said...

Personally I'd go BWM, I'm not a fan of the Lexus look.

♥ jmo said...

I think consumer reports likes lexus better, for what it's worth.