Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Improvement

So I know I've been off the grid lately, but here's what I've been up to. Step one, gut entire bedroom. Take paint from pale blue to Silver Sage. Replace fan, repaint cream trim to snow white trim. Scrape down popcorn ceiling, retexture ceiling multiple times due to multiple failures, sand, retexture, fail, repeat, fail, repeat. Rip out carpet, have fits, get drunk with Christine as an attempt to drown out home improvement misery. Nurse massive hangover, realize you measured for new carpet wrong and don't have enough when installers show up. Rewire light switches and replace all drawer pulls and handles.

Spend roughly 2 months searching for perfect bedroom set. Once again, get drunk with Christine. Resume shopping for furniture with massive hangover. Try not to throw up while testing out mattresses. Have nervous breakdown in middle of Bassett store, cave and end up buying set you had previously deemed too expensive due to sheer exhaustion. Wait for delivery, ruminate on areas of room that need to be touched up, especially the ceiling (bane of our existence). Remove all furniture from room, cram into tiny guest room so you can spend the first week of December fine tuning the details prior to furniture delivery this weekend. Try not to lose mind in mean time.

Oh and did I mention we need all new bedding? Spent 6 hours today trying to chase that down and so far, no dice. Why is it so impossible to find exactly what both of us want? FML.


Christy said...

Home improvement is a PITA, plain and simple! Love the new color though, and can't wait to see the finished product! The Bassett furniture will look great, hopefully once it has been delivered and set up you won't give the extra $ a second thought.

Alexis said...

Silver sage is the best.paint.color.ever. Welcome to bliss.

Christine said...

Wanna get drunk?