Sunday, December 27, 2009

Working on My Fitness

I'm getting a running start at the new year and in celebration of that, I think I need a couple new workout wardrobe items.  I am not the sharpest when it comes to figuring out workout gear.  I had to phone Kristen when I was buying running shorts to ask what the bloomer thingies were for, was I supposed to wear underwear with them?  Kristen told me no, that was the point of them, but it still doesn't feel right.  So when I did the Capital 10K, I wore underpants, running tights, and then my running shorts with bloomers.  That's like 4 layers of crotch coverage.  It's a wonder I could even run....

Since I've started running more, I've noticed that once I get past the 2 mile mark I start sweating like a whore in church.  One time I was running in a cotton t-shirt and it got plastered all sideways on my torso.  This is kind of a new experience for me since I am a notorious non-sweater, I might glisten a little, but a full out sweat to soak through a shirt, unheard of.  So I've been looking for more sweat wicking garments to wear when I work out and I've been wanting a tank like the one above.  My question is this, do I wear a sports bra under this?  The website says it has a built in shelf bra that provides light support.  Light support?  Who needs light support when they're running?  I may not be endowed to Pamela Anderson proportions but I still like a the idea of strapping the girls down as tightly as possible to the point of me forgetting I have them, because frankly, I have enough other issues to deal with when I'm trying to run.  What am I supposed to do here?  Do they make other tanks with better control?  Or am I supposed to be wearing a sports bra under it?  I'm so confused.

One area I have gotten under control is my diet/workout plan.  Here's the plan for next week, if any of my real life friends (::cough:: Christine and Janet) who read this want to come with to work out or invite themselves over for dinner, shoot me a comment/text/twitter.  The more the merrier.

Sunday-upper body/abs/Char Siu pork roast with stir fried veggies and brown rice
Monday-swimming/Chicken with Mushrooms and White Wine over pasta with a salad (from my new WW cookbook)
Tuesday-legs/abs/leftovers, no cooking
Wednesday-run/Chicken Paprikash with a side salad
Thursday-off, celebrating NYE at Vicars and Tarts party
Friday-off, Arroz con Pollo
Saturday-run/abs/taking the night off from the kitchen


Janet said...

I like your plan, that is something I desperately need to do! I would love to workout this week but it's going to be a crazy one, let me know what your plan is starting 1/4 & I'll join you :-) Cheers to getting back on the bandwagon!

d.a.r. said...

sounds like a great plan!! I am really struggling getting good runs in right now. The treadmill makes me feel like a mental patient after a mile!

Kate said...

I always have to wear a sports bra with my workout tops, even though they have "built-in bras"... I like to strap those puppies down! And I would definitely not call my chest large!

♥ jmo said...

I have to wear a sports bra with my workout tops, especially after reading an article online a few months ago that said improperly fitting sports bras that allow too much movement can increase your chance of breast cancer.

Vic said...

Bra fo sho. Just to echo.

Gonna stop rhyming now. Yay for you and your fitness plan :)

Christine said...

Kelly! I am back from the depths of Houston and would love to meet up with you. Tonight I have a florist appointment, that you are welcome to come to. I can call you after it though and if I can I can stop by and catch up for a bit, P is working late. Tomorrow, I can workout but then I MUST go shopping for tarts and vicars. Wednesday I cant and Thursday Hell no we will be drunk. Friday I will still be drunk. So Saturday I am in again. Want me to call you tonight?