Sunday, January 24, 2010

One From The Wayback Machine

Here's a photo of me in Durango, Colorado, circa 2003 with my fellow geology field campers. How about we take a vote, what is Kelly doing in this photo?

a) dancing
b) engaging in some sort of oldtimey fisticuffs with an unseen partner
c) looking at my nails

We will probably never know, because I drank a lot of beer that night. Yay college.


Jen said...

i say looking at your nails.

we field camped in durango, too. there was a new belgium brewery (fat tire and whatnot) festival in town while we were there. lots of drinking to be done in durango!

Vic said...

I reeeeally hope you are thumb dancing. That would make my life.

Alexis said...

hey, send me an email at alexisandtim @ gmail with your contact info and any housebuying info and I'll pass it along! Don't know the details yet...