Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Favorite Things Today

  • Tomunchi on Parmer Lane.  Today after our workout, the hubs and I stopped in here.  I got a mix of fat free taro, pistachio, and low fat cake batter yogurt and topped it with diced mango (and possibly a smattering of gummy bears and mini M&Ms, I just came from the gym, I don't need your judgment, I was loading up on casein post workout, it was totally healthy, true story).
  • Redemption Song by Bob Marley-I've had a hell of a week and it's only Tuesday, which is frankly terrifying.  Heard this song yesterday and it nearly made me stop and cry (btw, what's that about, hormones much?), it was so perfect and brought me such peace.  I'm now listening to it like 4 times a day, mellows me out every time.  Love Bob Marley.


Lauren said...

Yogurt sounds good! I really, really miss Pinkberry and Red Mango being within walking distance. :(

Janet said...

Bob Marley really is the best, he's on my list of artists I wish I could have seen when they were alive.

Christine said...

Parker and I love that yogurt place. We have been known to walk up there for a quick hit from time to time. I figure the walking up there counteracts the whole eating thing.