Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

A tad bit too late, but nonetheless, here it is:

Left work around 5, stopped at the liquor store for dry vermouth and blue cheese stuffed olives, mixed a Tanqueray No. 10 martini, popped open the laptop for another couple hours.  Ruminated on feelings about my work week that were soon drowned in gin.  Consumed leftovers.  Darryl came home from work around 8 to get weekend provisions.  Darryl attempted to make a Mexican martini with said provisions (and failed), I mixed a Bombay Saphire martini and we sat around the house until my parents arrived and joined us in cocktail hour.  Let me just say, working late on a Friday is kinda lame.  Having martini hour with your spouse on a Friday night at home rather than fighting crowds at resteraunts and bars = awesome.  Try it this weekend.  Thank me later.

For breakfast I mixed up these babies for breakfast for the fam and then my dad, Darryl, and Christine and I headed up to Liberty Hill where we got to do all sorts of exotic things like judge a BBQ cookoff, and learn to rope goats, and drink Crown on tap.
Saturday night was a combination yard work/meat coma/tummy ache, as you could have guessed.

We all went to brunch at Taverna and had yummy beignets, which reminds me, need to get the hubs down to New Orleans some time soon.  Haven't been in ten years!  I NEED some Cafe Du Monde.  Also the many drunk texts from friends at Jazz Fest helped to enhance that nostalgia, but I digress.  Sunday I picked up a couple things for our trip, such as this snappy fedora at the Gap:

And these sandals:
And these sunglasses at Old Navy
And these white bermuda shorts...which for me is a bold choice (light color on the bottom half of a pair shape, fear of sitting in something that stains them, white pockets that show through, do I need to keep going?) but I have a super cute flowy orange tank top to pair them with and I think if I cut the pockets out they'll be fine.  I also snagged a super cute sun dress and t-shirt.  Gap is really good for accessories right now, but not so much clothes.  Old Navy is BANGIN'.  Check out their summer collection.  Thank me later :).


rena said...

First of all, super cute accessories and secondly, agree that happy hour with the hubs is great! We always have "Thirsty Thursdays" :)

Christine said...

I have cafe du monde mix at my house! Come on over I will bust them out for you guys for brunch when you get back!

Jane said...

I just got those same white shorts from Old Navy! Cutting the pockets out is BRILLIANT!!!!! Thanks for the idea!