Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tantastrophe 2010

Some of my loyal readers may recall my post from the day before my wedding last year about how I botched my spray tan by not paying attention to where the shower cap was and giving myself a pale tan line across the top of my forehead.

Well, I went to the salon again to get a little color before our first anniversary trip to Belize and I have managed to have another tantastrophe, possibly much worse than last year.  So if you haven't used a Mystic booth lately, rather than standing front and back you have 4 foot positions that are SUPPOSED to be numbered.  They voice clearly tells you, left foot on 2, right foot on 4 and they spray, then they tell you your next move, spray, so on.  Well the booth I went into today only had one and a half numbers, they were all rubbed off.  All that was there was the number one and some other number that I couldn't figure out what it was.  So I figured, okay, I can handle this, 4 foot positions, just keep rotating to the right, everything will be fine, except somehow I got confused and ended up repeating a foot position so I think the right back side of my body got sprayed 2x and some other portion did not.  The tan is still developing, I guess I'll know tomorrow when I have to go to work all crazy half tanned.  At least I can go back tomorrow night and fix it if I have to.  Ugh.


Emily @ Longley's in San Diego said...

I haven't been in a spray tan booth for a few years, but the ones I used were nothing like that. That's crazy that you have to move certain positions. I just stood in one spot and it sprayed me. Hope you look normal tomorrow!

rena said...

I'm not gonna lie, this reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross has his tanning issue ;). I hope everything looks fine tomorrow!