Monday, August 30, 2010

Vegas Tip of the Week!

(Me in Vegas circa 2005)

Since we're prepping for my 5th trip to Vegas in a mere 30 days (squeeeeel 30 days!) I'm going to throw out a few of my favorite travel tips to my very favorite city in the USA!  Also, it seems like we will have a friend or loved one in that glorious city every weekend in September so I've been fielding a lot of requests for trip advice.

1) Listen to Vegas travel podcasts while you're doing mindless tasks at your desk or in your car on your daily commute.  Two of my favorites are The Vegas Tourist and Five Hundy By Midnight.

2)  Download a helpful app to your iPhone.  I highly recommend Vegas Mate, it's an absolute lifesaver for trying to navigate the strip, tells you where you are, where you're trying to go and if the restaurant you're trying to find is even open. 

3) And my personal favorite tip, be sure to carry nose spray and hand sanitizer.  I find that it's so dry I get nosebleeds.  All the slot machines and table games are teeming with bacteria, it's like gambling on a toilet seat.  Stopping to disinfect your hands when you're done playing.  Also, if you keep your mucus membranes moist and not cracked, it's harder for those little germies to wiggle their way in (I have no scientific proof of this, but it seems logical?).

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