Monday, January 3, 2011

Ruminations on Day Two Sans Television

I know, I know, I am the whiniest person to ever go two days without TV.  You'd think I was dying or something?  Four hours ago, I was certain I was, I don't know what happend.  I got up from my desk to walk to the car at 5:30 and immediately felt woozey.  I didn't think it was a low blood sugar thing, since I shamefully had Mexican food for lunch and strawberries for a mid-afternoon snack, but I was afraid I'd pass out on my way to the car.  Then I got into my car and operated an automobile.  Not my most responsible moment, I know, judge me.  I got home without incident and put on a pot of water for dinner and then went to the bedroom to lie down.  I seriously had the spins on the bed, you know, the kind when you've had one too many martinis and you just want to die?  But instead I'd had zero martinis.  This was bullshit. 

Long story short, I managed to not pass out on the stove (which is good, because we have a gas stove, and I would have burst into flames) and whip up dinner and about 30 minutes after eating I felt like myself again.  I missed TV alot tonight because when you're sick, what do you want to do?  Curl up and watch TV and do nothing.  But no, like a jackass I was trying to read the January issue of Good Housekeeping.  Not as good as TV.

Here's what I accomplished tonight without watching TV:
  • Cooked a meal without dying.  I use cooked loosely.  I reheated some bolognese I made and froze a while back and poured it over some penne.  The hubs went back for seconds though, it did not suck.
  • Went to the Domain with Darryl to exchange a Christmas gift.
  • Got a new battery in my watch and got my ring cleaned.
  • Had my butt sniffed by the dog that hangs out in the jewelry store.  Is it just me, but shouldn't I expect to browse the Rolexes unmolested?  Also, what is a dog doing in a place that sells Rolexes.  Ah, Austin....
  • Went to Lowe's, bought a new carbon monoxide detector because A) ours broke this weekend and B) Darryl was in the middle of a home improvement project that involved natural gas when I got home.
  • "Helped" Darryl not find stuff for his project at Lowes. 
  • Blogged
  • Talked to my insurance agent on chat
  • Watched YouTube videos on how to install a weave for my hair
  • Watched miscellaneous YouTube videos on how to do hair and makeup
  • Sat by the fire, Darryl's project involved him installing new fire logs (mostly I think he was sick of dealing with my weekly demands for real wood fires)
  • Washed the dogs....much to their dismay.
Only five more days of this....on the other hand, I've been meaning to get that watch battery changed for 6 months now.  AND we won't be dying of CO poisoning tonight, so maybe this whole no TV thing is working?  ::shudder:: 


Kate said...

Is your jeweler perchance Gallery Estate Jewelers? That hugeass dog paws me every time I go in there!

Christine said...

I guess I benefit with the not TV thing. You got to come hang out with me! I love this idea and think you can do this! Let me know if you are ever bored again, I will hang out!