Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Tiiiiiiime of the Year!

 This about sums up how I feel about the Saints versus the Packers tomorrow night.  AND college football on Saturday.  AND all day Sunday.  AND again Monday night.  My football viewing is really going to conflict with my Monday night yoga class....  How many people utter that phrase?

 You see, I love college football, yes, but mostly I like to watch Texas play and then any other team that's a major contender for the national championship against Texas.  Since (let's be real) we just clawed our way back into the top 25 rankings, that's not going to be happening this year, I've gotten into the NFL.
That's right folks, fantasy football.  And I'm forcing the hubs to do it for the first year ever.  We are like the real life Jenny and Kevin from The League.  Except I think in this scenario I'm Kevin and he's Jenny, though he does NOT run my team.

Also, The League starts in October.  Even if you think Fantasy Football is the geekiest thing on the planet and you know nothing about it, I promise, you'll still like this show.

So let's go Vick in a Box (my team name).  And yes I drafted Michael Vick.  And yes my dogs audibly booed me when I did that.  And no I'm not sorry, because mamma's gonna buy them lots of kibble with all the money she's going to win when she takes first in her league.  Just sayin'.


High Heels and Homemade Meals said...

LMAO Can't wait to hear updates on Vic in a box. And that were Vic belongs.. in a box, I mean cell block!

Ashok Singh's Blog said...

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Jill said...

hahaha vick in a box, love it. i figure he did his time and that's good enough for me to draft him! except sadly, someone picked him up RIGHT before i was about it. you'll prob do well with him!