Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now Jay Z has 100 Problems....So Does D.

So a few months ago, D and I were clearly hanging around with Beyonce when we came up with a most fabulous idea.

So we did.  (Note that this is not Beyonce's actual pregnancy test.  But we took them together.  True story.  Why would I lie about such a thing?)

So obviously B and my's next decision was, how to tell the world? 

We played a little rock, paper, scissors, and B won the right to make her announcement on the MTV movie awards. 

And I.....won the right to announce it on this blog.  So here we are.  It's not as glamorous, but it's happening, I'm due in March.

 Here we have some terribly unflattering photos of me, the first at 7 weeks.

The second at 13 weeks.

You will note my hair is a hot mess.  I've not felt stellar since week 6, and can honestly say I have only done my hair ONCE since then (I go to work with it half wet people, just finally attempting to reinstate makeup, don't judge me until you've been there). 

So there will be more about my baby growing shenanigans to come on the blog.  Honestly, I've got a lot of good material.  Material that those not already knocked up should avoid reading, lest it should completely freak them out about having a kid some day.  It's not that terrible and we are terribly excited, but I am looking forward to no longer having an uncontrollable physical dry heave response at the sight of a Lean Cuisine. 

I've decided to finally blog about this after much deliberation about the topic.  On one hand, I know there are real life friends who I haven't told about our happy news, but on the other, I decided early on to not make a HUGE deal about this and call up everyone I knew.  I figured it would just kind of come up when I wasn't drinking or had a giant 7 months preggo belly or whatever.  And if we haven't run into each other in the past couple of weeks, then I apologize that you're probably reading it here first.  But I think there's a story to tell here about this journey and I'm finally ready to write about it. 

And I'll try to not make this blog a shrine to my pregnancy or my future child, I want it to still be about me and other things.  I've found it so hard to blog since I found out because honestly, growing a human inside of me is the biggest thing going on in my life right now, so it would be weird to not include it.  That and football season are what's going on in my life right now and I don't think my reading audience comes here to read about football.

So there you have it.  Cat out of bag.  There's a bun up in this oven and so far everything is looking great!


hiero said...

And so the diary of the supermom begins...


amelia marie said...

yay!!! congrats!!! (i suspected when you weren't having a celebratory beer after our volleyball win :)

soooo happy for you guys!!!

Your Little Tattoo Girl said...

Congrats Kelly!!!! Your going to make a great mom!

Kate said...

Congratulations!!! Such exciting news!

Oddly, I have found I have a much easier time blogging about pregnancy than I do talking about it in real life. It's just awkward to walk up to people and be all "sooooo, yeah... I'm pregnant." After 17 weeks, I finally just told someone in my office they could tell everyone else. I just hate working it into casual conversation.

But YAY again! YAY!

Janet said...

Let the stories of the balla' mom begin! Congrats!!

The Waspy Redhead said...

I love your unborn already.

Christine said...

I love you even more, Parker and I just laughed in Positano over this. Can't wait to share in this awesomeness with you!