Sunday, November 13, 2011

Closet Woes

We live in a small house built in the late 70's.  Thus we have limited closet space.  Since I lived here first by myself, I called dibs on the master bedroom closet and refuse to share it.  (Before you feel too bad for D, he has like 3 closets in the study and hallway outside our bedroom.  Plus we both have dressers.)
Behold, my closet in all its "glory".  I use that term loosely.

My closet is 5x5, which is pretty small for a master bedroom closet, so I have a rule, no new clothing article can come into it without something going out of it.  However, with my expanding waist line (and hips, and rib cage, and boobs) I can't wear a lot of my favorite closet staples (all of my carefully aquired Antrho clothing collection, tear).  I know I'll be able to wear them around June, after my body starts to return to its original shape, but for now, I can't wear a lot of what is in my closet yet have no room for the new maternity wear I'm accumulating.  So my mom helped me go through my closet and dressers, weed out a bunch of things that I'll probably never be able to wear again (Note that I anticipate my ass shrinking, but not back to a size 4 probably seeing as it wasn't quite there when I got pregnant in the first place.  Time to let go of that dream.) for Goodwill.  The other items, I bid a temporary farewell to as I boxed them up in a giant Rubbermaid container and put them in storage for the next 6 months or so.  After the baby, when I return to work, I plan on swapping out the contents of that box for my maternity clothes.  I think this is a good strategy for other space strapped preggos out there, it's too annoying to get dressed for work each day and have to try on clothing article after clothing article that is too snug, doubling my getting dressed time. 

My question for those of you out there who have had children or are currently pregnant, did your foot size change?  I've got a pair of spendy designer shoes on my Christmas wishlist and I'm wondering if this is a foolish time to ask for them?  So far all my shoes seem to fit the same.  Just wanted to make sure we're not about to waste a boatload of money as these. 


Kate said...

I did a Twitter poll as to permanent change in foot size and it was pretty much 50/50... which wasn't great enough odds for me to keep the $400 boots I am NEEDING on my list. Apparently it's genetic though? Mine are still holding strong at a 9... but my mom's grew a full half size so I'm not holding my breath on those Loubs sitting in my closet fitting next Spring :(

High Heels and Homemade Meals said...

Mine grew a 1/2 size but did eventually go back to normal, maybe slightly "fatter" permanently. I would not by any shoes unless they are cheep. my hubby got me a pair of Tory burch flats to wear months 7,8 &9 and now they are huge and just sit in my closet like new! it's so sad. Save the shoe buying for post baby, post baby clothes shopping sucks so you can always buy shoes

Jill said...

good call on the clothes swapping. i have about 5 more pounds to lose to be back to pre-preg weight (one month postpartum) and while all my shirts are good again except a few button up blouses that can't handle the new boobs, my pre-preg pants simply will not button. some permanent expanding must've gone on around there, or that's the location of those last 5 pounds. anyway, i feel like you'll be down to your original size asap, but watch out for the newfound ass and boobs... on foot size, mine stayed the same except they were always swollen on thurs and fri after a week of work. maybe you'll have the same luck wherein you can wear the cute shoes 5 days a week but have to wait until a saturday of rest for your feet to go back down. :-) that said, my shoes are mostly flats and my feet swelled up much quicker in heels.